#askElders: forgetting all the complexity for a moment: what's the one thing that would most improve women's lives globally?
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Who would be you inspirational women 'to watch' of 2014? #askelders
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Is itPossible to completely stop ChildMarriage seeing that some abide by it due to them trying to better their living conditions?#askElders
#askElders does focusing on 'women's organisations' in peace processes silo them off from the rest of civil society? #PSCF
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We are honoured to have experienced someone like #MyMandela... Peace & Love is what he lived for, Freedom & Equality is what he fought for.
"Mandela had a deep reverence for other people. For him, your station in life did not determine who you were" Desmond Tutu #MyMandela
#MyMandela I think his courage, confidence ,his understanding that each individual matters & his belief in the strength of a caring society.
#MyMandela-I was honored to shake hands with Tata. A moment I'll never forget. May ur warm and forgiving spirit live on in us all. RIP Tata.
#MyMandela is the one who granted me freedom of my dignity... I should fight for my dignity...
We all have a Mandela inside of us. It's up to us if we listen to it & act on it. Thank U Madiba for being a great example 2 me. #MyMandela
He did his first freedom speech in Cape Town and he makes his only freedom exit in Pretoria. Even in death he is fair #MyMandela
Nelson Mandela refused to hate, because the content of his character far exceeded that of oppressors in South Africa and America #MyMandela
A very remarkable man, altruistic and a philanthropic. We should carry on where he left off or history will be harsh on us. #MyMandela
#MyMandela True leadership: selfless, visionary, compassionate, makes the impossible happen, trades short term for long term gain
@TheElders #mymandela...madiba made me proud to b African as a child..somehow, I just thought he'd always be around. Thank you Madiba
#MyMandela showed me what never giving up, no matter what, does to and for your spirit and what authentic forgiveness and courage are. PEACE
@TheElders It’s now left for us to learn from the unique example #MyMandela set and preserve his legacy by living in peace with one another.