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“To denigrate women is to spit in the face of God”

Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter spent an hour responding to questions on women’s rights yesterday, in The Elders’ first ever live Twitter Q&A for International Women’s Day 2014.

Marking International Women’s Day 2014, Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu answered questions online yesterday in The Elders’ first ever Twitter Q&A.

Hina Jilani, the third Elder planning to join the Q&A, unfortunately had to pull out at the last minute due to illness. With the event now comprising two male Elders, we asked supporters about men’s responsibility to tackle discrimination against women:

Continuing the theme of how men can act to advance equality for girls and women, the Elders replied to a question from a father:

Questions came in from Twitter users – men and women, young and old and – all over the world, from Nigeria to New Delhi. One primary school teacher in London asked her pupils to submit questions no longer than 140 characters, posting a photo:

Many Twitter users asked questions about the role of religious traditions in shaping attitudes towards women and girls. The two Elders spoke about their efforts to promote women’s leadership within the church, emphasising that gender inequality is not something justified in religious texts but, as Jimmy Carter put it, “contrived in patriarchal societies for benefit of male leaders.”

Violence against women was another common theme, with questions on tackling rape culture, sexual violence in conflict and human trafficking. As well as pointing to legal enforcement, the Elders emphasised that violence has its roots in discriminatory attitudes towards women:

They named some of the women leaders who inspire them – for Jimmy Carter, this was “leaders who use their ascendant positions to enhance the rights of all other women and girls” – and advocated quotas and positive discrimination as tools to encourage more women leaders in politics and the private sector.

Condemning demeaning stereotypes of women in media and advertising, Archbishop Tutu agreed that objectification can be “unlearnt” by practising empathy:

To see more of the conversation, go to #askElders.

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@TheElders I will support #women's rights by teaching my son that #equality is only beginning & he can be part of the fix! #askElders #IWD
.@RichardBranson Enlightened companies are realising the power of #diversity, changing policy to promote women to leadership -GM #askElders
.@richardbranson Many of our own in sport resent being considered as quota players. I think women would feel this way too - DT #askElders
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Ensuring #girls & women can access sexual & reproductive rights crucial to aiding their growth. How can we secure this? #askElders #IWD2015
.@gycaswell You cannot sit back. People out there in much worse situations than ours are keeping their fires burning -GM #AskElders #IWD2015
.@gycaswell When you work with young girls you find extraordinary examples of courage & leadership. That makes you humble - GM #AskElders
.@girlsnotbrides Change mindsets. Explain why some norms are harmful to individuals, families, communities, nations - GM #askElders #IWD2015
.@girlsnotbrides To identify the neglected issues, bring them to the top & mobilise the international & national communities- GM #askElders
Women are 25% less likely to be online than men should the right to internet be part of empowering women? @TheElders #IWD2015 #askElders
.@dsw_worldwide Those of us who have worked with women leaders like Graça, know how impoverished society wld be without them -DT #askElders
.@dsw_worldwide If we hold back women, we hold back societies. Allow women to use gift God has given them, communities thrive -DT #askElders
.@ColetteNkunda "We need to educate not only women to protect themselves but also how men regard women."- Graça Machel #AskElders #IWD2015
.@ColetteNkunda Women are productive thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs. Not only victims. Women are much more than that - GM #AskElders 1/2
What advice do you have for youth who are passionate about fighting for #genderequality & working in international development? #askElders
"Listen to what women want and to be their allies. Help provide them with the wherewithal to achieve their goals." DT #askElders @TutuLegacy
Question from Saikou Camara (Facebook): How can one help women in one’s own community fight for their rights? #askElders #IWD2015
.@itspetergabriel "Women will be part of the society where their aspirations and dreams are taken into account" Graça Machel #askElders #IWD
.@itspetergabriel Phones can make communication quicker & make voices matter where it is most needed, at all levels -GM #AskElders #IWD2015
.@itspetergabriel When women can access information and knowledge, it's is a very crucial part of the empowering process - DT #askElders
.@genderhealth "Provide them with wherewithal to succeed. Almost always adequate funding 'cos nothing succeeds like success" DT #askElders
"If you are equal it’s almost which came first, egg or chicken? In a just society wome wi'll be equal in a truly just society" DT #askElders
Education alone is not sufficient if girls are not engaged with programmes that connect them - Graça Machel #AskElders #IWD2015 @TheElders
Q, Dan Baldwin FB: Which is better, justice or equality? Is a 50/50 split in the boardroom better than fair application system? #askElders
.@gycaswell With the known scourge of #HIV, it's absolutely crucial that religious leaders speak about sex & contraception - DT #askElders
@TheElders what do you think of the idea of quotas to improve gender diversity in boardrooms? #askElders
.@gycaswell “It’s time religious leaders accept that sexuality is part of human life" -Graca Machel #AskElders #IWD2015
Did you know that in 27 countries, the law prevents mothers from passing their nationality to children on an equal basis as fathers?

Join our Twitter Q&A with Graça Machel and Desmond Tutu tomorrow at 1400 GMT to ask your question, using #askElders.

#InternationalWomensDay #iwd2015  


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