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The Elders debate ethical leadership (part 1)

"To be bold; to have the courage of your convictions; and to think long-term, not short-term or for political expedience; those are characteristics common to good leaders." Gro Harlem Brundtland

The Elders partner with Al Jazeera's South2North programme for a public debate on ethical leadership.

How do we establish ethical leadership in countries where heads of government face allegations of corruption? When does a state’s abuse of power require a military response? And who are our ethical leaders today?

While in Cape Town for their biannual meeting, The Elders held a debate on ethical leadership. In part one Kofi Annan, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Hina Jilani and Desmond Tutu focus on the challenges of global governance and peace-building from Syria to South Africa.

Moderated by South African journalist Redi Tlhabi, the debate was broadcast on Al Jazeera's South2North programme. Watch the discussion:

Part two of the debate features Martti Ahtisaari, Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson discussing justice, equity and human rights. It will be broadcast on Al Jazeera English on Friday 8 November at 7.30pm GMT, repeated the following day at 2.30pm GMT, and posted on The Elders website the following week.

You can join the discussion on Twitter using #EldersS2N.

The Elders' ethical leadership debate on Al Jazeera's South2North programme.

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At this point honesty would do.. "@TheElders: What are the qualities of an ethical leader – wisdom? Humility? Compassion?... #EldersS2N"
If u don't deal with the past - no sustainable peace. No peace without justice & justice cannot be vindictiveness. Hina Jilani #EldersS2N
"To be bold, to have the courage of your convictions and to think long-term" Gro H Brundtland on what makes an ethical leader #EldersS2N
It's complicated to be a good president in Africa because of weak institutions - Martti Ahtisaari #elderss2n @TheElders @AJSouth2North
#EldersS2N is off to a lovely start :) Desmond Tutu has everyone in stitches :)
I would like to ask The Elders 'What are they doing to ensure young leaders are raised to be The Elders of tomorrow? #EldersS2N
Sm1 who speaks n resonates with our highest aspirations, n ignites our motivation to live up to our full potential.#GraçaMachel #EldersS2N
"We are all responsible for addressing climate change before future generations are hit." Gro H Brundtland at Cape Town debate #EldersS2N
Some conflict situations are so shameful that we can not stand back - Kofi Annan #R2P @AJSouth2North #elderss2n @TheElders
Last Wednesday in Cape Town, the Elders debated ethical leadership. Tell us: are there ethical leaders that inspire you today? #EldersS2N
@RediTlhabi you were fantastic as the host and moderator at the @AJSouth2North panel discussion tonight with @TheElders #EldersS2N
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Martti Ahtisaari says it's harder for African leaders to excel without strong institutions | Tonight #EldersS2N
"It is out of a deep hurt and deep love for people that we as @TheElders act" - Desmund Tutu @AJSouth2North #elderss2n
@TheElders #EldersS2N #IqbalAsaria CBE and his work on the #MoralEconomy stands out for me.
What are the qualities of an ethical leader – wisdom? Humility? Compassion? Tell us what you think #EldersS2N
Ethical leaders are there for the people, not for themselves - Desmond Tutu #EldersS2N
Even with the best elections, "what matters is how leaders behave after they gain power." Martti Ahtisaari #EldersS2N…
We can't leave it only to governments, civil society has many of the solutions - Hina Jilani #elderss2n @AJSouth2North @TheElders
How can we encourage leaders who put common human values above their own interests? #EldersS2N
UCT student asks if the government in Kenya was guilty of a lack of leadership in the #Westgate attacks #EldersS2N
If you don't deal with the past, peace will never be sustainable. You need transitional justice to move forward. Hina Jilani #EldersS2N
Ethical leadership is about doing what is right - Kofi Annan @TheElders @AJSouth2North #elderss2n
"We need leaders like @NelsonMandela," Desmond Tutu said at last week's #EldersS2N debate on ethical leadership. Which leaders inspire you?
"When he founded The Elders, Madiba simply told us to ‘be bold’ and speak truth to power." Desmond Tutu… #EldersS2N
#KofiAnan: The framework is there for peace is the middle east however the political will is lacking! Too true!! #EldersS2N @AJSouth2North
The Elders are able to keep a distance to power and speak truth to power, says newest member of the group Hina Jilani #EldersS2N
Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson on the #ICC & if Africa is being singled out | Tonight on #S2N #EldersS2N…
Former US President Jimmy Carter talks on #Egypt and why democracies need time to grow #EldersS2N | Tonight on #South2North
On @AJSouth2North Redi Tlhabi speaks to The Elders about ethical leadership #EldersS2N |…
Audience member asks if the @moibrahimfound's decision to not grant it's leadership award is a reflection of African leadership #EldersS2N
"Poor children everywhere should have same access to education as rich children." Jimmy Carter at Elders and @AJSouth2North event #EldersS2N
There is exemplary ethical leadership in #Africa (Mozambique, Bostwana, Cape Verde) - Mary Robinson @TheElders @AJSouth2North #elderss2n
@TheElders Our co-founder's @TEDxTransmedia talk on ethical storytelling may contribute to your #EldersS2N discussion…
Authenticity, Humility, Empowering, vulnerability, passion and real quality of situational leading. Leading out of who you are #EldersS2N
VIDEO: Hina Jilani @TheElders discusses the challenges of transitional justice… #EldersS2N @AJSouth2North @RediTlhabi
Africans long for human dignity as much as Europeans or Americans - Mary Robinson #universalvalues @TheElders @AJSouth2North #elderss2n
"Peace and justice always go hand in hand," says @KofiAnnan to Cape Town audience #EldersS2N
"When @The Elders call people, they pick up the phone and listen to us" - Desmond Tutu @AJSouth2North #elderss2n


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