Archbishop Tutu’s statement on Haiti

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Monday, 18 January, 2010

Desmond Tutu issues a statement following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, calling on governments and individuals around the world to lend support to the country's people in the months and years ahead.

The magnitude of the devastation in Haiti has shocked and saddened the world. Shock at the suddenness and dire impact of the earthquake; sadness at the number of lives lost - bringing tragedy and grief on an unimaginable scale.

It is natural to want to respond. Our governments and millions of people around the world are already sending help. From donations, practical help and financial aid to prayers and moral support in times of trauma – the desire to assist is an illustration of our human spirit of togetherness. Each of us can find a way to lend our support to the people of Haiti.

We should also continue to urge our leaders and those working on the ground to ensure that water, food, medicine and other essential services reach survivors and alleviate the suffering of those who have already lost so much. They will continue to need our support for many months and years to come. Today, as the people of Haiti mourn their loved ones, we are with them in spirit and prayer.

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