Desmond Tutu Q&A

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Wednesday, 8 July, 2009

Desmond Tutu answers questions from supporters all over the world in this webcast, streamed live on the Elders' website in 2009.  

Desmond Tutu took part in a live questions and answers webcast on the site on Wednesday 8th July. We received questions from all over the world, via our website and Twitter. Archbishop Tutu answered questions on a range of Elders’ initiatives, including Equality for Women & Girls, Burma/Myanmar and Sudan.

It was a rare opportunity for members of the public to communicate directly with the archbishop, and he thoroughly enjoyed answering your questions. Thanks to all those who submitted questions for the day. We had a huge response and are sorry that we couldn’t answer them all, but we hope to bring you more opportunities to interact with The Elders in future, so make sure you sign up to receive regular updates on our work.

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