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The Elders urge US, Korean leaders to seize chance for nuclear breakthrough

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Tuesday, 3 April, 2018
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Praising recent gestures of reconciliation and inter-Korean cooperation, The Elders call on leaders in Washington, Pyongyang and Seoul to redouble efforts to resolve the nuclear tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

"Seize the opportunity afforded by the diplomatic path"

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The Elders have called on the leaders of the United States of America, North Korea and South Korea to redouble their efforts to resolve the nuclear tensions on the Korean Peninsula by diplomatic means alone.

In letters to President Donald Trump, President Moon Jae-in and Chairman Kim Jong-un, The Elders praised the recent gestures of reconciliation and intra-Korean cooperation around the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

They urged all parties to seize the opportunity afforded by the diplomatic path, including the planned bilateral meeting between the US and North Korean leaders.

The Elders also reiterated their concerns about the threat to global peace posed by the North Korean nuclear programme, and stressed the need to respect UN Security Council resolutions as the best way to ease tensions.

In commending the decision to embrace the diplomatic path, The Elders encouraged the leaders in Washington, Seoul and Pyongyang to follow the example of Nelson Mandela. After stepping down as South Africa's first post-apartheid President, Mandela founded The Elders to work for the causes of peace, justice and human rights that were so dear to him. He showed that it is only through sincere dialogue and hard negotiations that parties who may view each other with distrust can reach peaceful solutions.

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