Holocaust memory and a better future

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Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

Following the Elders' visit to Yad Vashem, Gro Brundtland blogs about using the memory of the past as a warning of the need to build societies based on human rights and respect.

Together, as Elders, we have today again been acutely exposed to the terrible trauma the Jewish people experienced in World War Two, a trauma that still haunts us all, and must never be forgotten.

To see Yad Vashem does not only conjure devastating emotion based on unbelievable loss and incomprehensible wrong done by the Nazi regime.

It must also warn us and remind us of the absolute need to build societies based on human rights and respect for every individual, and the rights of all peoples to live in freedom and dignity.

The inspiration to reach out, to build trust and confidence is strengthened by the knowledge of what history tells us, and what must never happen again. Speak out, reach out, and never, never look the other way.

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