Kofi Annan tells West African leaders: the world must do more to help you tackle Ebola

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Wednesday, 19 November, 2014

In letters to West African leaders, Kofi Annan expresses his solidarity with the populations affected by Ebola, and calls on the global community to take a stronger response to control and reverse the disease.

As the international community develops a plan of action to the Ebola crisis, Kofi Annan has written to three African leaders to express solidarity with the populations of the West African countries most affected by the deadly disease: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

In private letters on behalf of The Elders to Alpha Conde (President of Guinea), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (President of Liberia) and Ernest Bai Koroma (President of Sierra Leone), Kofi Annan commends “the courageous response” they and their people have shown. He congratulates them for their partnership with Western governments and the World Health Organization.

He writes that the response from the global community was “urgent yet belated,” arguing that this demonstrates that the world can still do more to “control and reverse” the deadly progress of Ebola.

Highlighting that the Ebola crisis has “profound social, economic, humanitarian, political and security dimensions,” Kofi Annan calls on the international community to commit funds to help these countries address the complex impacts. He also calls for resources to be invested in the immediate health needs, to strengthen the response to Ebola on the ground.

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