Video: Middle East Q&A #2 - the Elders answer your questions

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Tuesday, 16 November, 2010

Ela Bhatt, Mary Robinson and Lakhdar Brahimi respond to questions on the Middle East peace process from a young Israeli political leader and members of the Elders' global village.

Just after returning from their recent trip to the Middle East, the Elders asked their supporters around the world to send in their questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Here, Ela Bhatt, Mary Robinson and Lakhdar Brahimi respond to some of your questions.

Friedhelm Kuhl from Germany asks: "Is there a Gandhi or Martin Luther King in the Palestinian Territories?"


Celina Marshall says that teaching children propaganda is a breach of their human rights. She asks whether the UN and human rights organisations should do more to help Gaza and the West Bank use education to move towards a more tolerant society.


Davidi Hermelin, a young member of the Likud party in Israel whom the Elders met on their visit, does not think that the Elders’ statements on Jerusalem adequately consider Israeli mainstream opinion. Here, Mary Robinson responds.

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