Video: Middle East Q&A #4 - the Elders answer your questions

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Monday, 22 November, 2010

Mary Robinson and Ela Bhatt answer two of your questions on the Middle East. How do ordinary Israelis and Palestinians feel about the conflict? And can there be a women's movement for peace?

Just after returning from their recent trip to the Middle East, the Elders asked their supporters around the world to send in their questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Here, Mary Robinson and Ela Bhatt respond to some of your questions.

Sharon Green is a teacher who tries to help her teenage students think about how long change takes and how every citizen can have an effect. She asks: "Can the women leaders of the Middle East create an effective peace movement in a similar way to the Irish women's movement?"


Titus Pakama emailed to say: "We hear so much about what the conflicting leaders in the Middle East say and what fundamentalists what to achieve. What does the average person in Israel and Palestine think about the conflict?"

I would like to find:

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