"If we hold back women, we hold back society"

To mark International Women’s Day, Elders Desmond Tutu and Graça Machel took to Twitter for a live Q&A. This is a summary of how the event unfolded.

Graça Machel and Desmond Tutu answered questions on how to catalyse women's rights from a range of civil society, including entrepreneurs, activists, NGOs and youth groups.

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A temporary order: discrimination in East Jerusalem

Legal and human rights experts Shelly Cohen and Noa Diamond describe how Palestinians in East Jerusalem have lived for over a decade under a 'temporary', "discriminatory and racist law."

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Women’s rights in principle, women’s rights in practice

Deeyah Khan, women’s rights activist and Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, wants to see gender equality not just written into law, but part of everyday life.

Despite women representing half of the world's population, women and girls continue to face disproportionate discrimination in almost all sectors of life: from the home to school, to the workplace, to the political arena.

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We need to think differently about women

"We cannot sit and pontificate, or wring our hands and hope someone else does the hard work."
To mark International Women's Day, Graça Machel and Desmond Tutu urge all of us, men and women, to question what is preventing gender equality and to make a commitment to empowering women.

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Do you actually know your human rights?

In 1950 the UN General Assembly proclaimed 10 December as Human Rights Day, to bring attention to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard for all peoples and all nations. But do you know them? The Elders challenge you to find out.

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