Delivering justice for all in South Africa: the power of paralegals

Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to fighting for freedom and justice. While South Africa gained its freedom in 1994, too many still suffer a lack of access to justice today. In this guest blog on Mandela Day, Dr Winnie Martins of the Centre for Community Justice and Development highlights the crucial role played by community paralegals in responding to day-to-day justice problems.

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Empowered women create empowered societies

Pioneering human rights lawyer and Elder Hina Jilani delivers strong words on women's empowerment at the 2019 Women Deliver Global Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

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Civil society is underappreciated as a partner in delivering justice goals

Speaking at the World Justice Forum, Hina Jilani champions civil society actors as filling the gaps in providing access to justice. But warns they need financial support, and recognition from the legal system.

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Standing strong in the wake of increasingly hostile US immigration policies

A Florence Project client at the organisation's annual client appreciation event in 2018.

With the Trump administration expanding a hard-line immigration policy, Greer Millard from The Florence Project highlights how these changes are impacting asylum seekers and migrants detained in Arizona. 

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The women creating a freer, fairer world

On International Women’s Day we celebrate eleven ideas for a freer, fairer world created by women, for women. These brave women and organisations fight for a world with equal rights and opportunities for women and girls.

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Time's up for violence against women and girls

Photo: UN Women/Khristina Godfrey

Graça Machel decries the horrifying statistics on the prevalence of violence against women and girls on International Women's Day 2019. First published by Thomson Reuters Foundation

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The women taking on India's domestic violence epidemic

As The Elders launch a new programme on Access to Justice, Elca Grobler, founder of Indian NGO My Choices Foundation – one of the “Sparks of Hope” grassroots groups championed by The Elders - writes of the importance of addressing the profound global injustice of violence against women and girls. 

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100 Ideas for a Freer, Fairer World from 100 Sparks of Hope

The Elders chose to honour the 100th anniversary of their founder Nelson Mandela by celebrating 100 Sparks of Hope as part of the #WalkTogether movement. These are grassroots organisations that embody the change The Elders want to see in the world. Each one tells an inspirational story of how incredible people across the globe are working for peace, health, justice and equality.

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Tracking the transition to a sustainable future

Credible information is key to those advocating for a sustainable world. James Browning and Ted Nace explain how CoalSwarm’s tools power understanding of where the transition to sustainable energy supplies is working – and where it isn’t. 


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Mary Robinson joins filmmakers shining a light on the urgent human rights issues of today

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