Graça Machel speaks truth to power at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit

Addressing the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit at the 73rd UN General Assembly in New York on 24 September, Graça Machel reflects on the purpose and relevance of an empowered United Nations dedicated to achieving a better world for all. 

"For me, the meaning of celebrating Madiba is to work to end this senseless violence as a matter of priority and urgency."

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California must remain a beacon on climate and health

Ban Ki-moon highlights the interconnected challenges of climate change and health in major Elders speech.

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Stand in solidarity for justice and climate action

As people across the US and around the world #RiseForClimate, Mary Robinson urges politicians and business leaders due to gather at the Global Climate Action Summit in California to heed their call for climate justice.


#RiseForClimate mobilisation in New York on 6 September (Credit: Cristián Cáceres Granda)

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The mothers of all battles: how the fight against climate change is being led by moms across America

Kelsey Wirth, Co-founder and Chair of Mothers Out Front outlines how mothers, grandmothers and caregivers from across the United States are mobilising to fill the climate leadership vacuum left by those at the highest levels.

"We believe mothers have the power to overcome the greatest challenge of our time."

Credit: @MothersOutFront

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Cease the violence and allow the democratic will of the people to prevail, The Elders urge Zimbabwe

The Elders call on all parties in Zimbabwe to show restraint and calm as the country decides its future.

"Nothing other than the democratic will of the people should be allowed to determine the future of Zimbabwe.” –Kofi Annan.

The Elders today call on all parties in Zimbabwe to show restraint and calm as the country decides its future.

Led by Kofi Annan, The Elders condemn the violence and tragic deaths that followed the 30 July vote.

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Embracing Madiba's values: building a brighter future in Zimbabwe and South Africa

Mary Robinson reflects on her recent visits to South Africa for Mandela's centenary and to Zimbabwe as the country decides its future. 

As I write, the votes in Zimbabwe’s historic election are still being counted. I am encouraged to see reports indicating that voter turnout has been high and that the process has remained largely peaceful. We all hope this continues.

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The Elders call on all Zimbabweans to put national interest first as poll nears

Concluding their visit to Zimbabwe ahead of its pivotal general election, The Elders urge Zimbabweans to work together to ensure a free, fair and transparent poll on 30 July.

"It is critical that everyone acts responsibly before, during and after the elections." –Kofi Annan.

Lakhdar Brahimi, Mary Robinson and Kofi Annan meet President Emmerson Mnangagwa during their visit to Zimbabwe in July 2018. (Credit: The Elders)

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“Sparks of Hope” can honour Nelson Mandela’s vision of a better world

Writing in CNN, Graça Machel reflects on what we can learn from Madiba's legacy, and calls on us all to #WalkTogether on his centenary, to continue his long walk to freedom.

"We need to take guidance from his moral compass to be reminded of the importance of respecting human dignity and defending equal rights for everyone."

Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel launch The Elders in Johannesburg, 18 July 2007 (Credit: The Elders)

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Mandela Day 2018: Walk Together to continue Mandela's long walk to freedom

Join Graça Machel, Kofi Annan, Lakhdar Brahimi and Mary Robinson on 18 July, as they celebrate Nelson Mandela's centenary in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement. - Nelson Mandela

On 18 July, the world will celebrate 100 years since our Founder, Nelson Mandela’s birth.

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#WalkTogether to celebrate 100 Sparks of Hope

Graça Machel reflects on a year of championing the freedoms Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to. She invites you to join with The Elders in continuing Mandela's long walk to freedom.

"The world today desperately needs hope in the face of conflict, inequality, racism and cynicism."

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