10 Years Young, 100 Years Courageous

Reflecting on our past achievement and future commitments, Graça Machel invites you all to celebrate The Elders' 10th anniversary on July 18 by joining the Walk Together campaign and continuing Madiba's long walk to freedom.

"We have all come a long way in the past decade, but our long walk to freedom, following in Madiba’s footsteps, will continue." - Graça Machel

The Elders with their founder Nelson Mandela

Dear friends,

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Climate inaction: an unconscionable betrayal of future generations

Following The Elders' board meeting, Martti Ahtisaari reflects on the importance of maintaining multilateralism at the heart of international relations in order to overcome today's greatest challenges, particularly climate change.

"If emissions, temperatures and sea levels continue to rise, large parts of Earth could become literally uninhabitable. I believe this would be an unconscionable betrayal of future generations" - Martti Ahtisaari

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Annual Review 2016: Solidarity Beyond Borders

The Elders have published their latest Annual Review. From launching a campaign for Universal Health Coverage to promoting a coordinated international response to refugees and mass migration, read highlights of The Elders’ work from 2016.

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Secure climate justice by staying true to the science

In an era of cynicism within politics and the media, Mary Robinson calls for evidence-based science to determine the global policy agenda and expresses solidarity with climate scientists and those on the frontlines of climate change.

"We desperately need fact-based, evidence-based science to determine the global policy agenda." –Mary Robinson

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Resilience creates results: why human rights defenders persist

Speaking at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Hina Jilani highlights the key role that human rights defenders play in preserving human rights as a universal value.

“If today there is still a commitment towards human rights and a recognition of these rights as a universal value, it is because of human rights defenders.” –Hina Jilani

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Five ways to realise and protect women’s rights

To mark International Women’s Day, we highlight five perspectives on how to achieve gender equality, including on maintaining the momentum in challenging times and the importance of engaging men and boys.

Gro Brundtland: Don’t be complacent!

“Setbacks can easily happen when our attentiveness recedes” warns Gro Harlem Brundtland in this piece from 2013 on why we cannot be complacent about the progress made so far.

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Climate security: changing the narrative

Mary Robinson joins a panel debate on climate change and security at the Munich Security Conference 2017. Speaking alongside senior politicians from Finland, Bangladesh, Sweden and the US, she calls for leadership, including at the UN Security Council.

"Climate displacement is already happening and this is a big security threat. It is time that the Security Council has a formal discussion on climate change and security." –Mary Robinson

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Moral and political leadership in a time of uncertainty

Writing in the Financial Times as the World Economic Forum 2017 opens in Davos, Mary Robinson says that millions of people feel left behind by the actions of governments and corporations. She rejects cynical populists who offer scapegoats instead of real solutions, and calls on responsible politicians, civil society and business leaders to reassert our basic, common values of dignity for all.

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Elders’ Visit to Germany, 12-13 September 2016

Three Elders visited Germany in September 2016 to launch a new report on Refugees and Mass Migration. During the trip they met with political and business leaders, civil society and refugees themselves.

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We need to safeguard civic space

Danny Sriskandarajah, Secretary-General of CIVICUS, marks Human Rights Day by reflecting on civil society's successes and challenges, noting the declining space for citizens to organise and mobilise and calling for the need to construct a progressive narrative around freedom of movement and human rights.

"Even as people are building walls and closing borders, we need to construct a progressive narrative around freedom of movement and human rights."

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