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After Paris: what next for climate action?

Jenny Yates, our Programme Director, reflects on the signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change by 175 countries and considers the road ahead for climate action.

"The Agreement is enormously important, but the challenges are huge."

John Kerry holds granddaughter while signing Paris Agreement on climate change on 22 April 2016 at the UN in New York. (Photo: US State Department)

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After Myanmar's celebrations, the hard work begins

From building relationships with the military and ethnic armed groups, to satisfying political activists hungry for rapid change, Myanmar’s new government faces multiple challenges, argues our senior policy consultant, Matthew J Walton.

Children in Myanmar celebrate NLD victory. Photo: Mark Baker

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Grassroots solutions: the most powerful tools to fight poverty and inequality

Ela Bhatt explains why the poor and marginalised must be considered as both agents and the beneficiaries of change if the Sustainable Development Goals are to be achieved. First published in UNA-UK's "SDGs: the people's agenda" publication.

"It is only when the voices of the poor and vulnerable, who have a stake in shaping their future, are heard and heeded that development can become sustainable."

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Rising sea levels: “Our islands will one day be wiped off the map: what will happen to our women?"

Climate activist and poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner marks International Women’s Day by celebrating the strength and resilience of Marshall Islands’ women and highlights the importance of including women in tackling climate change.

"Our women lived and survived through the nuclear testing, and we will weather the storms of climate change as well."
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Gender equality and climate change: the vital link for success beyond Paris

From assessing the "people-centred" COP21 Paris Agreement and how those on the frontlines can help the world in tackling climate change, to ensuring that women are empowered to make their voices heard, Mary Robinson marks International Women's Day by highlighting the link between gender equality and climate justice.

"Human rights and gender equality should inform good climate policy."
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The Elders welcome the lifting of sanctions against Iran

The lifting of the sanctions against Iran is a diplomatic breakthrough fully supported by The Elders and proof that positive outcomes can be achieved through sustained political dialogue.

"This could and should be the foundation for further measures to improve the regional security environment.”

Man and women in a supermarket in Iran. (Photo: Morteza Nikoubazi / The Elders)

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How young people can combat violence against women

Violence against women is sometimes justified by abusers and perpetrators as a matter of ‘honour’. In this guest blog to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, youth activist Arifa Nasim from London explains how she uses education to challenge prejudice within communities and encourages women of all ages and backgrounds to empower themselves.

"Young people are NOT beneficiaries; we are leaders with agency..."

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How can we deter our young from the lure of violent extremism?

In the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut, the need to understand why our young are lured to violent extremism is more acute than ever. Our Middle East Analyst, Nigel Pearce recently attended a conference in Spain on ‘Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism’, hosted by Club de Madrid. Here are some of his insights on how education and youth empowerment could prevent this “new normal.”

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Women’s Rights in Pakistan: failed by a culture of intolerance and impunity

Following the recent publication of the International Crisis Group report Women, Violence and Conflict in Pakistan, Hina Jilani gives her legal and human rights perspective on its findings and on Pakistani women’s ongoing fight for gender equality.

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