We must not succumb to fatalism or despair in 2019

Mary Robinson reflects on the events of the past year and looks forward to the Elders' priorities for 2019: climate change and nuclear proliferation.

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2018: A year in review

Lakhdar Brahimi and Mary Robinson Walk Together in Johannesburg July 2018.

2018 has been a momentous year The Elders. Have a look back at our activities this year. 

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Trip Report: Elders delegation to Kuwait in July 2018

In July 2018, The Elders visited Kuwait at the invitation of the country’s Emir, to exchange views on regional political and security issues, especially the tensions around Iran, the Yemen conflict and the year-old dispute inside the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC).

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What does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights mean in today’s fractured world?

Yemen (Credit: UNHCR/Shabia Mantoo)
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World leaders must recommit to UN global values to achieve peace and security

Martti Ahtisaari, Oslo, 2012
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The Elders call on UN Security Council to take urgent, credible action to lift Yemen blockade

The Elders today called on the United Nations Security Council to take urgent action to bring an end to the blockade of Yemen and avert a worsening humanitarian catastrophe.

They particularly urged the United Kingdom, the United States and France, as the three major powers backing the Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen and as Permanent Members of the Council, to prioritise saving civilian lives.

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Decisive action from Russia, Iran and Turkey required to avoid needless deaths in Idlib siege, Elders warn

Fearing an imminent large-scale offensive, The Elders strongly urge Iran, Russia and Turkey to overcome recent differences and work together to prevent heavy civilian casualties in Syria’s Idlib region.


The Elders strongly urge the three guarantors of the “Astana Process” – Iran, Russia and Turkey – to overcome their recent differences and work hand-in-hand to prevent heavy civilian casualties in Syria’s Idlib region. A large-scale offensive there appears imminent.

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Myths and Fantasies about the Palestinian Refugees and the United Nations

In this guest blog, Andrew Whitley, former senior UNRWA official and Policy Director at The Elders from 2011-16, examines the likely impacts of the recent US decision to halt funding to the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees.

UNRWA distributes aid in Gaza in 2013 (Credit: UNRWA / Shareef Sarhan)

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Annual Review 2017: #WalkTogether To Spark Hope In The World

2017 was a landmark year for the Elders. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in July and launched our Walk Together campaign to celebrate the freedoms Mandela dedicated his life to: Peace, Justice, Health and Equality. We also welcomed new members Ban Ki-moon and Ricardo Lagos. Read the highlights of our work from 2017.

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Global challenges demand leaders act on principles not populism

Ban Ki-moon urges politicians to have the courage to take difficult decisions rather than pandering to xenophobic or populist pressures.

"Just solutions depend on a shared understanding of values, responsibilities and priorities by all countries."

Ban Ki-moon leading a #WalkTogether for Peace in London in October 2017. (Credit: The Elders #WalkTogether)

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