Dialogue must be routine, not reward, in the fight against conflict

Diplomats in dialogue at UN Security Council in October 2014.

A multilateral approach to conflict prevention is needed, yet governments appear unable to agree on how it should work. As the new chair of the UN Security Council takes the seat, The Elders’ Head of Programmes, Jane Kinninmont, reflects on the need for states to institutionalise dialogue to avoid conflict.

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The Elders warn of escalating nuclear tensions following termination of INF Treaty

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets US Presdident Donald Trump at G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, in 2017.

Alarmed over the imminent termination of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, The Elders call on US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to act in the interests of all humanity rather than following short-sighted agendas.

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The Elders call for end to Gulf brinkmanship, urge Iran to continue to abide by JCPOA

The Elders call on all states to refrain from any actions or rhetoric that could further inflame tensions in the Gulf region and the wider Middle East. All concerned must encourage Iran to continue to abide by its commitments under the nuclear deal reached with the international community in 2015.

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The UNSC must be bold and assert its collective voice

Ban Ki-moon addresses the UN Security Council in New York, on 12 June 2019. (Photo: UN Photo / Loey Felipe)

Addressing a UN Security Council session on the maintenance of international peace and security, former UN Secretary-General and Elders' Deputy Chair Ban Ki-moon urges Councl Members to cooperate and speak with a strong common voice for UNSC decisions to have a decisive impact.


The following is a transcript of his 12 June 2019 speech.

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The UNSC must work together to deliver its mandate

Mary Robinson addresses the UN Security Council in New York, on 12 June 2019. (Photo: UN Photo / Loey Felipe)

Addressing a UN Security Council session on conflict prevention and mediation, Mary Robinson implores Council Members to work together to deliver on its commitments outlined in the UN Charter.

The following is a transcript of her 12 June 2019 speech.

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Livestream: 'Our Shared Humanity': The Legacy of Kofi Annan

On 3-4 June 2019, Chatham House and UNA-UK are hosting a series of events to celebrate Kofi Annan's life and explore his legacy for the future of global governance.

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The Elders urge peaceful transition to civilian rule in Sudan

A Sudanese protester holds a national flag outside the defense ministry compound in Khartoum

The Elders today called upon Sudan’s interim military rulers to respect the wishes of the Sudanese people and commit publicly to a swift transition to civilian rule. As the African Union prepares to discuss the issue of Sudan, the Elders urged it to stand firm on the need for civilian rule, and to insist on a transfer of power as soon as possible.

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Europe must take a stand in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Writing in the Financial Times, Gro Harlem Brundtland calls on European leaders to reassert their commitment to a two-state solution as the only way to deliver peace, justice and human rights to Israelis and Palestinians.

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Governing Geoengineering

Ban Ki-moon calls for clear governance rules for geoengineering based on inclusive, multilateral engagement, and warns against complacency in the face of the unforeseen and unintended consequences of these new technologies. First published in Project Syndicate.

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India and Pakistan must show restraint to defuse military tensions: The Elders

The Elders today called on the leaders of India and Pakistan to take urgent steps to defuse military and political tensions that have developed over the past few days and to refrain from further bellicose rhetoric and pursue a path of meaningful dialogue.

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