Livestream: #WalkTogether to Fight Inequality

The Elders will join the Fight Inequality Alliance and Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity at the LSE, on Tuesday 17 April to honour grassroots movements working to end inequality.


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The Elders urge US, Korean leaders to seize chance for nuclear breakthrough

Praising recent gestures of reconciliation and inter-Korean cooperation, The Elders call on leaders in Washington, Pyongyang and Seoul to redouble efforts to resolve the nuclear tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

"Seize the opportunity afforded by the diplomatic path"

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Ernesto Zedillo: Trump retreats from leadership yet again

Decrying the U.S. decision to withdraw participation from the Global Compact for Migration, Ernesto Zedillo asserts that states can better protect their own citizens when they cooperate to overcome the challenges of migration.

"Making migration safe, orderly and legal is necessarily an endeavor that must be responsibly shared among states."

Ernesto Zedillo (Credit: Jeff Moore/The Elders)

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Managing migration: why leadership matters

Louise Arbour, United Nations Special Representative for International Migration, calls on governments negotiating the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration to seize the opportunity for collaboration, whilst demonstrating strong political leadership in explaining the benefits of migration to their people.

"Bureaucrats can make the rational arguments. Demagogues can make the publicly appealing ones. Only great political leaders can make both."
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The Elders warn against US, Russian nuclear strategy escalation

The Elders warn against provocative statements from the United States and Russia and urge the leaders of both countries to work together to avoid a dangerous escalation of nuclear tensions.

"I urge the leaders of Russia and the United States to work together in the common interests of peace and humanity." - Martti Ahtisaari
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Elders at the Munich Security Conference 2018

On 16-18 February, Kofi Annan, Lakhdar Brahimi and Ernesto Zedillo attended the annual Munich Security Conference for panel discussions and bilateral meetings on conflict resolution in the Middle East and wider global issues including democracy and globalisation.

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The Elders hold talks with Saudi Arabia’s leaders on regional security

On their first official visit to Saudi Arabia, The Elders welcomed domestic reforms, and urged meaningful dialogue with its neighbours to resolve regional security crises.

"It is time for key stakeholders across the Middle East to take responsibility for conflict resolution in the region.” – Lakhdar Brahimi
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Media Advisory: The Elders to visit Saudi Arabia from 25-28 February 2018

Kofi Annan leads The Elders’ first delegation to Saudi Arabia to discuss current social and economic reforms and security issues across the Middle East.


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How Nelson Mandela's legacy can help us #WalkTogether towards a freer, fairer world

2018 marks 100 years since Nelson Mandela's birth. Graça Machel and Richard Branson reflect on global challenges and call on individuals to #WalkTogether for a freer, fairer world. First published in The Economist's The World in 2018.

"If politicians fail to provide adequate answers, ordinary citizens themselves must speak out."

Graça Machel and Richard Branson in South Africa in July 2017. (Credit: The Elders #WalkTogether)

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Livestream: Health for all: Rising for our right to Universal Health Coverage

On 14 December, Ricardo Lagos joined world leaders, youth advocates and civil society to call for all political leaders to make Universal Health Coverage their top priority at the Universal Health Coverage Forum's public event in Tokyo.

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