The Elders urge Italy to push for climate solidarity and unity at G7 summit

The Elders have written to Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni to express support for his country’s leadership on climate issues as President of the G7, ahead of its Summit on 26-27 May.

“Future generations will look back on this time of great opportunity and great uncertainty and judge the actions and leadership of the G7.”
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Sustaining global peace: Elders speak on the importance of multilateralism

On 9 May, Kofi Annan, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Lakhdar Brahimi and Mary Robinson will speak about the importance of multilateralism at the IPI in New York. Watch the livestream here and follow on Twitter: #EldersIPI

How can multilateralism stay relevant and effective in the current geopolitical climate?

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A New Vision for Multilateral Cooperation

In a speech to the 2017 Partnership Forum at the UN Economic and Social Council in New York on 5 April, Mary Robinson urged the international community to develop an entirely new paradigm of inclusive cooperation in order to overcome the world's greatest challenges such as climate change.

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Did the UN fail Syria?

Writing in UNA-UK's magazine, Lakhdar Brahimi critiques the UN's diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syrian conflict, reiterating the role of Member States in empowering the UN to succeed and the parties to the conflict being willing to compromise.

"The tools at the UN’s disposal would have been sufficient to secure peace but only had the sides involved been willing to compromise. They were not."

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Elders at the Munich Security Conference 2017

Four Elders attended the annual Munich Security Conference in February 2017 to tackle several contemporary challenges including the Iran Nuclear Agreement, climate security and the refugees and migration crises. 

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Five ways to realise and protect women’s rights

To mark International Women’s Day, we highlight five perspectives on how to achieve gender equality, including on maintaining the momentum in challenging times and the importance of engaging men and boys.

Gro Brundtland: Don’t be complacent!

“Setbacks can easily happen when our attentiveness recedes” warns Gro Harlem Brundtland in this piece from 2013 on why we cannot be complacent about the progress made so far.

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Dialogue: the only route to a more peaceful world

From neutralising conflict and controlling the spread of nuclear weapons to empowering the climate vulnerable and equitably responding to mass movements of people, Ernesto Zedillo reflects on the importance of dialogue to reach common ground.

"It is only by understanding and respecting each other’s positions that we can hope to reach common ground and work towards a more peaceful world."

Ernesto Zedillo

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The Iran Nuclear Agreement: A Deal Worth Keeping?

Lakhdar Brahimi and Ernesto Zedillo consider the merits and consequences for regional and global security of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. They are joined by HRH Prince Turki (Saudi Arabia) and HE Sheikh Hamad (Qatar) in a panel debate at the Munich Security Conference 2017.

The Iran Deal is an international agreement endorsed by UN Security Council. No one country can "tear it up." –Lakhdar Brahimi
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The Elders voice alarm at new Israeli settlement law

The Elders express alarm at new measures adopted by the Israeli parliament, that retrospectively recognise Jewish settlements in the occupied territories that are built on confiscated Palestinian land. 

"This law is highly damaging both to the prospects for peace in the region, and to Israel’s international reputation as a state that respects the rule of law." –Kofi Annan

Graffiti on Israeli Separation Wall (Credit: Muath Khatib | The Elders)

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The Elders welcome Paris Mideast peace conference, urge all P5 states to show leadership

The Elders welcome the latest international conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and urge the international community to play an active and concerted role to secure a lasting and just peace for the peoples of Israel and Palestine.

"Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and all States in the region and beyond, must abjure obstructionism which will only prolong the sufferings of Israelis and Palestinians alike.” –Kofi Annan
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