Ban Ki-moon: A decisive UNSC is needed now more than ever

Addressing the UN Security Council on 21 February, Ban Ki-moon called on members to swap rhetoric for action to ensure it delivers on its mandate to maintain international peace and security.

"The primary responsibilities vested in the Security Council to maintain international peace and security are needed now more than ever."
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North and South Korea must seize this Olympic moment

Writing in the Financial Times, Ban Ki-moon calls for continued dialogue in order to make meaningful progress to resolve nuclear tensions and reach a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.

"All parties must use this Olympic moment to nurture a positive atmosphere that enables a genuine dialogue to continue, including bilateral military talks."

Ban Ki-moon (Credit: Joël Saget /AFP)

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Lakhdar Brahimi: how the curtain fell on America’s moment in the Middle East

Lakhdar Brahimi discusses the current challenges facing the Middle East and calls for stronger regional cooperation in an interview for Chatham House's The World Today.

Lakhdar Brahimi (Credit: Gordon Welters / The Elders)

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2018: Building a world Madiba would be proud of

As we face unprecedented global challenges in 2018, Kofi Annan draws lessons from the life of Nelson Mandela, specifically the need for leaders to respect international law, human rights and act with compassion and empathy.

"It is ordinary people who suffer when leaders make rash decisions and deploy inflammatory rhetoric for political goals."

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A call for global leadership on climate and conflict resolution

In an interview with AFP on 11 December, Kofi Annan, Ban Ki-Moon, Lakhdar Brahimi, Mary Robinson and Gro Harlem Brundtland discuss the lack of global political commitment to tackling the challenges facing the world today.

Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-Moon (Credit: Rick Bajornas/ UN Photo)

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The Elders condemn US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital as grave risk to peace

The Elders condemn US President Donald Trump’s unilateral decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as a grave threat to peace across the Middle East.

“There will be no lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians unless both parties’ rights and claims are respected in the historic city of Jerusalem.” –Kofi Annan.

View of Jerusalem (Credit: Muath Khatib / The Elders)

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The Elders condemn Libya slave auctions, demand migrants’ rights respected

The Elders today strongly condemned “slave auctions” of African migrants in Libya and urged the international community to take all necessary steps to protect the rights and dignity of all people, especially vulnerable foreigners, in the conflict-wracked country.

“The slave auctions in Libya are a horrifying symptom of the failure both to agree international response mechanisms to large flows of people, and to ensure that the human rights of all people on the move are protected.” –Hina Jilani
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Defending women’s rights in turbulent times

Delivering the keynote speech at the EU Colloquium on Fundamental Rights in Brussels on 20 November, Mary Robinson highlighted formidable challenges facing women's rights today and the importance of not losing hope.

"Women continue to face appalling levels of prejudice and discrimination at every level of society."
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The Elders stand in solidarity with Pope Francis on peace, refugees, climate

The Elders met His Holiness Pope Francis at the Vatican on Monday 6 November to express their appreciation and support for his work on global peace, refugees and migration, and climate change.

"Pope Francis has shown great moral leadership on the crucial issues of our time."

Lakhdar Brahimi, Kofi Annan, Mary Robinson and Ricardo Lagos meet Pope Francis in November 2017. (Credit: Servizio Fotografico L'Osservatore Romano)

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Everyone must ensure a more peaceful world for future generations

Following his first Elders' board meeting and conversation with the British Council's future young leaders, Ban Ki-moon reflects on the need to ensure a more peaceful world to allow younger generations to meet their potential to the fullest extent.


Ban Ki-moon and Ricardo Lagos walking from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square in London on 23 October. (Credit: The Elders)

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