The Elders call on Myanmar to allow return of displaced Rohingya

The Elders urge the government of Myanmar and military leaders to end all military operations and to fully implement the final report of the Rakhine Commission in order to allow hundreds of thousands of displaced Rohingya to return to their homes.

The Elders today called on Myanmar’s government and military leaders to end all military operations in Rakhine State, and allow hundreds of thousands of displaced Rohingya in Bangladesh and other countries to return.

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The Balfour Declaration: Palestine, Israel and Britain 100 years on

Lakhdar Brahimi to join Chatham House panel on 26 October, marking 100 years since the Balfour Declaration – a promise that immeasurably altered the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East and one whose political and social impact is felt to this day.

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Livestream: How can youth leaders lay the groundwork for Peace?

The Elders and emerging policy leaders from the UK and the world will discuss possible pathways to global peace. Watch the livestream and join the conversation by submitting your questions with #WalkTogether

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The Elders urge strong multilateral response to DPRK nuclear tensions

Following the recent nuclear test and missile launches by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), The Elders express concern and urge the leaders of the United States and of the DPRK to search for a peaceful solution to the crisis.

Available in Korean

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Livestream: how can global citizens #WalkTogether to foster peace?

Mary Robinson and Ernesto Zedillo join Emmanuel Jal at "We The Future" to mark the International Day of Peace. Join the conversation by tweeting #tellTheElders and watch the livestream.

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International Cooperation: Elders' Q&A

In a Q&A session with the IPI Global Observatory, four Elders discussed the importance of reinvigorating international cooperation in order to address the world's most pressing problems.


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Inspired by voices of peace and justice in Israel-Palestine

Reflecting on a recent staff trip to Israel-Palestine, our CEO David Nussbaum remains inspired by the brave groups from both communities who continue to be voices of peace and justice.

"The status quo is not sustainable, even if it suits some in all three camps to claim so: just as in an earthquake zone, at some point a quake will come, even if we can’t be sure quite when or where."

Separation wall in 2015. Credit: Muath Khatib | The Elders

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The Elders welcome UN Secretary-General’s commitment to fight sexual exploitation

The Elders welcome Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres' commitment to lead efforts to end sexual abuse and exploitation by UN peacekeepers and applaud an initiative to place survivors at the centre of the UN strategy.

“I am encouraged by the leadership shown by the new Secretary-General to tackle these crimes and end impunity, and hope all parts of the UN follow his example.” –Lakhdar Brahimi

UN Peacekeeper (Credit: UN Photo / Martine Perret)

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Dialogue: the only route to a more peaceful world

From neutralising conflict and controlling the spread of nuclear weapons to empowering the climate vulnerable and equitably responding to mass movements of people, Ernesto Zedillo reflects on the importance of dialogue to reach common ground.

"It is only by understanding and respecting each other’s positions that we can hope to reach common ground and work towards a more peaceful world."

Ernesto Zedillo

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The challenge of migration and security: a call for a rights-based response

Speaking at Sciences Po's Youth & Leaders Summit, Lakhdar Brahimi highlights the importance of security within the wider debate on migration and calls for nuanced, long-term policymaking.

It is vital that the international community does not, in trying to tackle security threats, end up creating even greater conflict and insecurity. –Lakhdar Brahimi

Lakhdar Brahimi alongside speakers at Sciences Po in 2017 (Credit: Manuel Braun | Sciences Po)

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