The Elders applaud Palestinian reconciliation; renew call for end to blockade of Gaza

The Elders warmly welcome the reconciliation agreement reached by Fatah and Hamas as an essential step towards the full reunification of the West Bank and Gaza, keeping alive prospects for the peaceful emergence of a Palestinian state.

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50 years of occupation: Lakhdar Brahimi addresses UN Security Council

Marking 50 years of occupation, Lakhdar Brahimi addresses the UN Security Council on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

"The Palestinian population is extremely vulnerable and desperately needs protection from the international community."
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International Cooperation: Elders' Q&A

In a Q&A session with the IPI Global Observatory, four Elders discussed the importance of reinvigorating international cooperation in order to address the world's most pressing problems.


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Inspired by voices of peace and justice in Israel-Palestine

Reflecting on a recent staff trip to Israel-Palestine, our CEO David Nussbaum remains inspired by the brave groups from both communities who continue to be voices of peace and justice.

"The status quo is not sustainable, even if it suits some in all three camps to claim so: just as in an earthquake zone, at some point a quake will come, even if we can’t be sure quite when or where."

Separation wall in 2015. Credit: Muath Khatib | The Elders

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The Elders voice alarm at new Israeli settlement law

The Elders express alarm at new measures adopted by the Israeli parliament, that retrospectively recognise Jewish settlements in the occupied territories that are built on confiscated Palestinian land. 

"This law is highly damaging both to the prospects for peace in the region, and to Israel’s international reputation as a state that respects the rule of law." –Kofi Annan

Graffiti on Israeli Separation Wall (Credit: Muath Khatib | The Elders)

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The Elders welcome Paris Mideast peace conference, urge all P5 states to show leadership

The Elders welcome the latest international conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and urge the international community to play an active and concerted role to secure a lasting and just peace for the peoples of Israel and Palestine.

"Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and all States in the region and beyond, must abjure obstructionism which will only prolong the sufferings of Israelis and Palestinians alike.” –Kofi Annan
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The Elders felicitan al Presidente de Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos por el premio Liderazgo de las Américas  

Una carta abierta por parte de nuestro Presidente Kofi Annan al Presidente de Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, en la que se elogia su liderazgo en negociar dos acuerdos de paz con los rebeldes de las FARC para poner fin al conflicto más prolongado de Colombia.

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The Elders congratulate Colombia’s President Santos on Leadership for The Americas award

An open letter from our Chair Kofi Annan to Colombia’s President Santos, praising his leadership in brokering two peace agreements with the FARC rebels to end Colombia’s long-running conflict.

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The Elders urge new compromise for Colombia peace deal

The Elders respect the decision of the Colombian people who have voted not to accept the peace agreement and urge Colombian leaders to find compromises which will allow all Colombians to unite behind peace as a national project.


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Ethical leadership: a global challenge and opportunity

Our CEO Andrew Whitley reflects on a busy month during which The Elders launched a new report in Germany on refugees and mass migration, and held several meetings and discussions in and around the UN General Assembly in New York, including with senior UN officials on Syria and with resettled refugees at the International Rescue Committee.

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