Ukraine, Syria and UN reform

While in Moscow last month on an Elders' visit, Kofi Annan shared with Kommersant’s Elena Chernenko his impressions of the meeting with President Putin, The Elders’ advice on achieving a settlement in Ukraine and the consequences of failing to reform the UN Security Council.

Kommersant: In Moscow, you heard the Russian view of the global events, including from President Putin. What conclusions did you draw?

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Why The Elders are returning to Israel and Palestine

Jimmy Carter and Gro Harlem Brundtland will revisit the Middle East in a renewed push to promote the two-state solution and to address the root causes of the conflict.

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'Rebuild Gaza, and avert the next war'

Writing in The Washington Post, Jimmy Carter argues that an end to Gaza's isolation is essential for a future Israel-Palestine peace deal.

"As long as Palestinians remain divided, it will be difficult for any leader to sell to the Palestinian people a peace agreement with Israel."

Rubble in Gaza after an Israeli air strike. Photo: UN Photo | Shareef Sarha, July 2014

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