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It will take all of us: never too young to lead on the climate crisis

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Photo: Daniel Arauz / Flickr
Wednesday, 15 April, 2020

On Earth Day 2020, Mary Robinson launched this series of intergenerational blogs. In her special Earth Day message, she outlined the need for us to respond to the global challenges we face in solidarity. 


Over the next ten weeks, we will be sharing stories of courage, hope, inspiration and challenge as young leaders in the climate movement write as guest bloggers championed by, and in solidarity with, the Elders.

Read the blogs:

Brianna Fruean, of Samoa

Brianna Fruean, a climate activist for Samoa, writes about three things she has seen, learned and been inspired by, across the globe during our current struggles. She calls on the international community to use this period to reflect on the kind of world they want to live in. Championed by Ban Ki-moon.

Erin Fowler, of Scotland, UK.


Erin Fowler, a young climate activist from Scotland, recalls the passion of local communities as they work together with global citizens to tackle transborder issues like climate change and plastic pollution. Recognising the real potential of united climate action, she calls on the international community to work together, as it has in response to COVID-19, to create a more just and sustainable future. Championed by Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Howey Ou, of China.


Howey Ou, a climate activist from China, says that just as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the whole planet, so too does the climate crisis. Warning against inaction, she calls for a collective effort to achieve climate justice. Championed by Juan Manuel Santos.

Vanessa Nakate, of Uganda


Vanessa Nakate, a young climate activist from Uganda, outlines the devastating impact of climate change and warns that those on the frontlines must be engaged in finding solutions. She also highlights the challenge of climate activism in the Global South. Championed by Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Ridhima Pandey, of India. Photo: Michael Rubinstein/Earth Justice


Ridhima Pandey, a 12-year-old climate activist from India explains the motivations behind her environmental activism and why she seeks to raise awareness about caring for the planet. Drawing linkages between the effects of COVID-19 and the ongoing climate crisis, she calls on policymakers to act. Championed by Ela Bhatt.

Theo Cullen-Mouze, of Ireland


Theo Cullen-Mouze, a young climate activist from Ireland, argues that the COVID-19 response shows the capacity of the world to collaborate, mobilise vast resources and take radical action in times of crisis. He calls for intersectional climate justice to ensure that we shape a liveable future for our planet. Championed by Mary Robinson.

Visit this page on Friday 29 May to read a new blog by Adegbile Deborah Morayo, a 12-year-old climate activist from Nigeria. Deborah's blog will be championed by Desmond Tutu.


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